Yalan (Weasner) Papillons, vocals
Anne Spurgeon, guitar
Kari Murphy, bass
Tera Stockdale, drums

Route 66

"A mesmerizing quartet, Miss May 66, is turning brains on the campus circuit. Four women-drummer Tera Stockdale, bassist Kari Murphy, singer Yalan Weasner and Anne Spurgeon (sister of the Greenhorn Spurgeons) have filled their calendars with a pocket of good gigs.

Wednesday, June 22 , Miss May opens for the Laughing Hyenas at Stache's. They play Bernie's (with Econothugs and the Lovin' Mouthful) on the 24th and, also that weekend, Comfest.

Miss May-an outfit with rhythm, distortion and aggression-has been together only a few months. Stockdale and Murphy just started fooling around on the Econothugs gear. Neither knew what they were doing.

'When we go back and listen to our first tapes,' says Stockdale, 'that's when we realize we actually have come a really long way...We had no idea how to write a song or how to play.'

Catch them soon. Murphy leaves for San Francisco later this summer; Stockdale promises the band will forge on after they locate a replacement."

-Columbus Guardian
June 15, 1994
Columbus, OH

Miss May '66
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